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Freight Forwarding

Loading / unloading for conventional cargo.
"Door to door" delivery for full containers.
Truck and railway transport.

Shipping Agency

Shipping agency port activity is carried out by our sister company Globusmar srl (globusmar@vegaservice.net)

Stevedoring Company

Privatisation in the field of port services has created new opportunities for growth for our group. We currently participate in loading/unloading port companies and we handle directly national and bonded port areas and warehouses for the storage and distribution of goods, according to customer requirements. Direct management of services is translated into savings for customers combined with a professional service which is certified according to the UNI-EN ISO 9001/2000 norm.

Logistics and Distribution

Storage of goods in bonded and national warehouse.

Special department

Steel products.
Raw cotton.
Minerals and ferroalloys in bulk.

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